New Year Wishes

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A little girl was picked up from Churchgate station today.

 Barefoot and steel cup in hand, Kini stood at her usual spot on Platform 3 in Churchgate station. By Read Me

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Diwali ki Eid Mubarak

At Salt, 2014 has been sweet. 
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We are three

When we started, we faced a lot of questions. Why advertising? Why not digital? Why not something differentiated? Don't you have a founder business for your company? Why would you not poach your past clients? How will you attract talent? Why will clients come to you? And many, many more.

When we started, almost everybody had advice for us. Some ... Read Me

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We've turned 3

 Thank you clients, partners and friends for keeping us smiling.

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Copywriter Wanted

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A Virtual Haircut

So, this is the first in a series of posts on our little Salt weblog, and what a way to start! The blog is essentially a collection of things we’ve found online, seen somewhere, heard about or created ourselves. But they’re all things that have really moved us.

This is the Virtual Haircut. It’s a very simple experiment, but a great ... Read Me

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All things must come to an end. But it still hurts, when a good thing ends. Sachin, we believe that the 200th is not the end. It is just a hiatus, till you return in another avatar.

May you continue to inspire!

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Salt turns 2!

 It's been 2 years since we launched Salt Brand Solutions on May 3rd, 2011. We're ecstatic, and at the same time immensely grateful to everyone who is part of our Salt Society - clients, partners, collaborators and friends alike. 

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L&T Health Insurance: A lesson in writing
In its launch campaign, 'Likh ke doge kya', My Health promises action on claims within six hours, or else payment of penalty
Written promises hold a lot of weight and indicate solid commitment. Larsen and Toubro (L&T) General Insurance's health insurance product, My Health, uses a written promise to establish its sincerity in its recently released lau ... Read Me

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L&T ad: when health insurance truly takes on your burden

 Here’s a story of a man who bought a medical insurance policy. He thought, in an age when medical and hospitalisation costs can cripple your bank balance, it was the prudent decision to make

The consumer buys a policy, feeling better for the investment, feeling gratified that he has done the responsible thing.
A year later, ... Read Me

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Happy New Year


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Salt Brand Solutions creates promos for Australian show - Packed to the Rafters

Starting 4 December, Star World will bring Australian TV drama 'Packed to the Rafters' to Indian screens. The channel has brought on Indian film maker Karan Johar to promote the series and has also hired the services of Salt Brand Solutions.

Along with Star World's in-house team, the agency has created three films featuring Johar.
Watch the ad films
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Packed To The Rafters - On Set
It’s 12 noon and Mehboob Studios in Bandra is awash with its regular buzz of activity. I make my way to Studio 2, half excited, half nervous. It’s the first time I’ve headed for a shoot without a full dialogue script in place. A black Jaguar sits in the sun next to ... Read Me

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Mash Monday

Mash Monday

Monday – A day dreaded by most of the working class. For some, Monday Blues sets in late Sunday evening. Had a nice weekend? Guess what, it’s Monday, so get ready for a long week ahead.

It starts with the Huddle, a Monday morning business review (usually involves us servicing people getting our behinds handed to us by M ... Read Me

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 CONVENIENCE???? ... No Thank you! 

Indian women have always prided themselves in being the eternal martyrs. They hate Maggi, because it makes their children independent enough to cook themselves. They loathe diapers, because apparently they stand in the way of mother-child bonding. They despise cornflakes or pav bhaji masala, because then there is no &lsq ... Read Me

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The changing battlegrounds of marketing wars

A few years back, two famous FMCG brands (Dove and Pantene) fought a bruising public war of one upmanship. Now another war of one upmanship is being fought. And like most wars these days, it is subversive and carried out in the digital space. 

The game changing iPad was launched in March 2012. It reaffirmed Apple’s iconic status among the worshippers of & ... Read Me

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Minakshi Achan, Max Hegerman, Jasmin Sohrabji, and Ashwini Desphande on Spikes Asia juries

Spikes Asia has announced a further five of the ten juries that will be present in Singapore to judge this year’s awards: Direct and Promo & Activation, Digital & Mobile, Media, PR and Design.

From India, Minakshi Achan is on the Direct and Promo & Activation jury; Max Hegerman on the Digital and Mobile jury; Jasmin Sohrabji on the Media jury; and ... Read Me

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Kaya revamps brand identity, launches ad campaign

Kaya Skin Clinic has launched a new advertising campaign post the complete revamp of its brand identity.

The new campaign is in line with the changing hopes and aspirations of today’s Indian woman and highlights the brand’s focused shift from a clinical approach to being the ultimate beauty destination.
Created by Kaya&rsqu ... Read Me

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Local or global, big or small, integrated or specialty model… players in the game agree that size, model and nature do not matter, what ultimately stands out is the work of an agency…

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Salt turns 1

The Salt society turns 1 today. All our days and nights of workaholism, alcoholism and chocoholism have not been in vain. Thank you, friends, clients, critics, anonymous-website-commentors! Keep up the good wishes and the witty repartee!

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Salt Brand Solutions and MEC win account

The win comes on the back of a multi-agency pitch.

Vehicle website (also known as has concluded its creative and media pitches. The creative mandate has been awarded to Mahesh Chauhan and Minakshi Achan's start up, Salt Brand Solutions and the media planning and buying duties have gone to Mediaedge:cia (MEC), a GroupM agency.
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US reality TV show pitches ad agencies against one another

With shows on people who hoard animals, obese couples losing weight to win a 'dream wedding', multi season series on pawn shop owners and a programme that was supposed to find America's Next Great Restaurant, it often feels like there's no premise too bizarre for American reality TV. It was only a matter of time before advertising was dragged kicking and screaming into this mix. This summer, Pi ... Read Me

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6 things to keep in mind when pitching for a brand

11th January, 2012 | Source –
#1 Individual(s): You do not pitch for a business! You pitch to win over an individual or a group of individuals. How much we know about them is as important as how much we know about their business.
#2 Pitch presentation: Nothing, not even #1 ... Read Me

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Kaya Skin Clinic undergoes complete makeover
By afaqs! news bureau, afaqs!, Mumbai, January 05, 2012 
The brand has changed its positioning statement from 'an expert solution provider for skincare problems' to 'a personal guide for total skin care'. This change draws on new consumer expectations in today's maturing skin care market.

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Independents have found a new breed of takers

Financial Express: Payal Khandelwal: Last December, following the loss of two key accounts and some key personnel, Rediffusion Y&R also lost one its oldest hands, its Group CEO, Mahesh Chauhan. After a short break, Chauhan announced his new venture with Minakshi Achan who had also resigned from her post of chief creative officer at Rediffusion. Together, they decided to take the independent ... Read Me

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Salt has moved!

We've shifted in to our new office today!

103 Sashmira Centre / 176 CST Road / Kalina / Mumbai 400 098

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Salt Brand Solutions wins RBNL-RTL JV pitch

Mumbai-based Salt Brand Solutions has won the creative pitch initiated by the JV (joint venture) between Reliance Broadcast Network Limited (RBNL) and the Luxembourg-based media company RTL Group. The company is yet to be named, but is as of now, called BIG RTL.
The pitch process, initiated a month back, took place in Mumbai. The mandate involves handling the creative duties for two ... Read Me

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What’s my name? What’s my name? My name is Sheila, Sheila ki imagine if it was Padmavati or something similar – wouldn’t have had the same zing right? There’s a lot in a name. Should a name be descriptive of what you are or can be, should it speak of its origin or should it just sound good? Don’t know, but our folks surely thought all names shoul ... Read Me

Posted by Sid Singh on Friday, Aug 12, 2011.86 Comments

Spending a life devoted to reading and cinema viewing makes for very easy blog writing. I would like to recommend British director Mike Leigh's films in this blog. I have managed to view four of them. 'Happy-Go-Lucky', 'Vera Drake', 'Secrets & Lies' and 'Another Year' are the only works of his I have managed to view so far but what is most interesting about his work is that he begins shoo ... Read Me

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Sid Singh joins Salt Brand Solutions



Salt Brand Solutions has brought on board Siddhartha Singh, who will play a key role in shaping the design capabilities of the holistic communications company. He will work closely with Mahesh Chauhan, Co-Founder of Salt Brand Solutions, in managing businesses and building the client portfolio, but, as per ... Read Me

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I could hear the rain pelt on the window sill, while I lay there in the corner, on top of a sheaf, on an old dusty table, precariously close to the spanking new Epson Printer – waiting my chance to carry the burden of winning these blokes a pitch – what were they going to print all over me – who’ll carry me and whose hands will I have to pass through til ... Read Me

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Dear Mom,
I am sure you are surprised to hear from me, but I thought it important I communicated  with  you before your time was up. Don't get mad Ma...but I am seriously wondering whether you should  have me over.

I am only saying this as I fret for you Ma. What if I am not beautifuler, intelligenter, sharper, naughtier, faster, stronger, taller than all those eve ... Read Me

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This post is a by-product of sleepless nights & tons of alcohol at Salt.
Having spent innumerable hours in the office, I happened to look out of the window. Here is what I found. Think I need a drink!
‘View from office’ is a series of posts with views from the offices around the world. Share your view at ... Read Me

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Kaya Sk ... Read Me

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Emotional Currency

All of us are Marketers and some of us even perfect this art-cum-science and graduate to help others sell their wares while some just go on with their lives marketing emotions as they go along, mostly unknowingly – these for me are the real Marketers,  and what they collect in turn is what I choose to call Emotional Currency.

Here are some of the most brilliant Markete ... Read Me

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I was at a charity art show the other day. The art shows at the gallery had the usuals. The art critics, the art connoisseurs and the swish set air kissing the art and themselves. In  walked  a couple who were quite obviously strangers to the gallery. One would've expected them to be uncomfortable. They were, on the contrary, bold, loud, brash and  unpretentiously raw in their ne ... Read Me

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A lot of people that belong to the same era as me are resisting the allure of a Kindle. We love our books - their worn-out corners, the inscriptions that sometimes took our friends and family an hour or a day to compose. We love holding a grudge against the borrower who never returned a hard-to-find book. We look at books given by ex-lovers with regret. We inherit books, and with them, so many ... Read Me

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Mash & Minakshi in ET's Brand Equity

Mash & Minakshi featured in ET's Brand Equity

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A Different Journey?

A lot of friends have asked me about how I feel as an entrepreneur. My answer has always been that I feel no different. In fact, not one bit.  I must put this in context though.

When you head a large organization, there are a lot of things that come to you. The status, the perks, the recognition, the invitations not just for parties but for pitches as well! I too had such a life. ... Read Me

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Salt features on NDTV's All About Ads

Snippets from NDTV's All About Ads, earlier this month.

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Read Anant Rangaswami's (former editor of Campaign India) piece on and tell me you can't identify with it...

Guilty as charged. The funny part is, that's how Anant and I met. He was then ... Read Me

Posted by Anisha Sarin on Monday, May 23, 2011.27 Comments

Anatomy of a 'Start'

Should it be Anatomy of a ‘beginning’ instead? Should it be this topic at all? To call it a writer’s block would be unfair because the desire to write has only become stronger for me over the years. The encouragement that I have got from people on my gibberish has been an additional impetus.  

However, the dilemma of what to write has become a cross that I carry ... Read Me

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Risk is Good!!!

Minakshi's feature in Impacts' Back Beat Segment - May 2011

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Minakshi + Mash dub agency Salt

By Campaign India Team on May 4, 2011 filed under Advertising, India
Mahesh Chauhan and Minakshi Achan announced their new foray, a communications agency christened Salt. 

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Mumbai, May 3, 2011: Mahesh Chauhan and Minakshi Achan have put all speculation to rest with the launch of their company Salt Brand Solutions. Click here for the media release.

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It's good to see you on our website. We've just launched today and if you'd like to know more about who we are and why we are different from the herd, please browse through our pages.
 If you are looking for brand solutions, jobs, collaborations or simply looking to congratulate us, click here. 


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